Celebrate Diwali safely, enjoy attentively - CM Uddhav Thackeray


Appeals to wish through social media only

            Mumbai,(timenewsline network) : CM Uddhav Thackeray has appealed to the public to celebrate Diwali by taking proper health measures. He also cleared that he will accept Diwali wishes through social media and email only without meeting people personally. He said that he would celebrate this Diwali very safely and simply.

            CM appeals, corona does not understand festival days like Diwali. Keeping ourselves safe until the vaccine is available and making sure that no one around us is exposed to the virus should be our priority. We celebrated all festivities of all religions cautiously and followed all rules. And we should not forget that we have successfully controlled this pandemic as a result of our patience only.

            Situations in Europe are worsening due to the second and third waves of corona. The number of Covid-19 cases is increasing there. More medical resources, hospital staff, and doctors are needed there. If we fail to take proper care, we will also have to face an increase in Covid cases, which could be a tough challenge for us. CM furthermore said that we will engage ourselves in Diwali celebrations but we must remember that thousands of doctors, nurses, medical staff, police are fighting with corona, may it be a festival or a regular day. They are fighting to protect our lives. Please do not forget that. They have to spend their Diwali working in hospitals and following their duty. Someone's parents, siblings, relatives, or friends might be one of them. Let us not burden them more and give preference to celebrate Diwali safely by staying home.

            Though this is a big festivity for us, someone in our area or acquaintances might have lost life due to corona. Their close ones would not be able to celebrate Diwali happily. We should be considerate of their pain while being enthusiastic about Diwali celebrations, said CM.

            Schools, colleges will be reopened after Diwali. We will try to live a normal life again. So follow the three-step mantra- mask, hand wash, and social distancing in the Diwali period too. Take measures for respiratory diseases likely to occur in winters. We should be considerate that there are parents, seniors in the family. Let us celebrate this Diwali with our family together rather than going out, meeting with people, and lighting firecrackers. This is a festival of lights, so one can make rangoli, light show; build earthen forts in the house yard if possible. Utilize holidays to maximum by reading, playing music, or pursuing hobbies. Open your doors for sacred peace, wealth, and prosperity and not for the illness like corona, said CM.


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